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Green nozzad


Nozzad is an innovative, nozzle advertising unit attractive to a wide range of advertisers.

Nozzad is a nozzle advertising unit with integral splashguard and hinging lid. The one unit fits all ZVA nozzles using an adjustable clamping system. Nozzad is available in four standard colours, green, red, blue and black. Other colours can be supplied to order. Fuel grade identification or media company's contact details, can now be printed on to the splashguard leaving the complete window area free for the promotional message. Nozzad is available to purchase outright thus enabling you to place whatever message you wish into the unit, a system currently used by many international oil companies and independent media companies across the world.

fuel pump

Pump Equipment

Ward Lester group supply a diverse range of equipment and signage for fuel dispensers.

Ward Lester supply most (non-engineering) equipment for the UK forecourt pumps and islands, that is to say everything except the pumps, nozzles and hoses. Grade signalisation, splashguards, scuffguards, Pricelox, Out-of-Use covers, Pump crowners and fire buckets being some of the most popular lines. UK stocks of most of the most popular items are held in our warehouse in Welwyn Garden City for immediate despatch.

Out of Use Covers The simplest to use and the most durable on the market, our Out of Use nozzle cover is used throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Moulded in polypropelene the Out of Use cover stores flat and can be opened out to fit all UK and European nozzles, including those with a nozzle talker attached. A large recessed area is available to affix a sub-surface printed message. Cost effective, simple to use and long lasting, this Out of Use cover is one of our most popular products. Stocks held at Welwyn Garden City. Nozzle Badges Moulded in a durable reinforced nylon material the nozzle badge is designed to fit all ZVA Slimline and ZVA Stage ll Vapour recovery nozzles. Standard colours are green and black but special colours can be supplied to order. Branding or fuel grade signalisation is 'sub-surface' printed onto a fuel resistant pvc and adhered to the badge moulding. A simple and cost effective way of branding or signalisation. Splashguards Unlike some 'stand-alone' splashguards on the market which can be very thin and flimsy our splashguards are moulded in such a way as to be virtually indestructible. Standard colours are green and black but special colours can be produced to order. Your company logo can be included in the moulding process for a one off charge. Our splashguards fit all ZVA nozzles and stocks are held at Welwyn Garden City. Scuffguards We are increasingly being thought of as a 'one stop shop' for many items on the forecourt therefore we have included the range of scuffguards, to fit all ZVA Slimline and Stage ll Vapour recovery nozzles. These are available in standard green and black with special colours available to order. Pricing Panels Originally developed to meet the demands of UK Trading Standards, the tamper-proof and patented design of Pricelox provides the capability of displaying the prices of all fuel grades available at the pump. Pricelox is moulded in white, black and green and other special colours can be supplied to order. A recessed panel within the moulding provides for the display of fuel grade or another branding message. A 'key' is provided with each unit to enable forecourt staff to access the pricing panel simply and quickly. Fire Buckets A legal requirement for all UK petrol forecourt these Fire Buckets are supplied from our stock complete with lid. Also suitable for holding water they are mainly used as a sand repository for use on small diesel spills. Stocks held at Welwyn Garden City. Grade Signalisation 'On pump' grade signalisation is required on all pumps to differentiate the many different grades of fuel on offer to the customer. Most fuel retailers simply apply a grade sticker, or grade decal, directly to the pump, with varying degrees of success, Shell UK however use Ward Lester's unique system incorporating a moulded panel which is fitted to the pump and into which the grade sticker is applied. The benefit of this being that whenever the grade sticker needs replacing it is a simple matter of placing the new one into the moulded panel thus ensuring that the positioning is correct every time. Our grade stickers are produced using light fast inks and then coated with a special uv light protection.
custom newpaper stand

Bespoke Projects

With our many years of experience in the industry Ward Lester is able to offer a unique and comprehensive range of services, from initial site surveying, specifcation and production of materials and equipment, through to final installation.

As petrol retailers vie ever harder to increase their share of the UK fuels market they are turning increasingly to special forecourt marketing initiatives supported by innovative branding systems and d├ęcor. Ward Lester have led the way with their robust stanchion flag system and, more recently, large format semi-permanent banners up to 18m long have been used very successfully to reinforce the message.

Newspaper Stands Ward Lester have many years experience in the design and construction of forecourt newstands. All our current units are supplied with a specially moulded, uv stabilised, plastic material and either fitted with our FlexiLid or our newly developed, indestructible clear rigid lid. Our latest design can be seen on many BP UK forecourts and features our new lid design, this has proved to be our most enduring newspaper stand to date. Shell FuelSave In 2010 Shell UK commissioned Ward Lester to conduct site surveys and submit recommendations for the implementation of eye-catching promotional materials to support the launch of their FuelSave campaign in the UK. Using our expertise in forecourt marketing equipment we developed and manufactured a unique banner framing section, capable of being extended to take temporary banners up to 2m x 12m. We further supported Shell's massively successful launch campaign with 'easy off' pump bottom vinyls and spreader panel vinyls. Sturdy and re-usable free-standing banner frames were also installed at many sites to further convey the offering. Stanchion Flags Originally developed for the UK launch of Shell UK's V-Power premium grade fuel, our stanchion flag system comprises a specially designed aluminium extrusion for affixing to the vertical stanchion, into which is positioned a printed stanchion flag, manufactured from a durable and wind resistant plastic material. The brackets are designed to remain in situ and the flags can be easily replaced with new ones simply by undoing one screw. This was the case with the recent and most successful Shell FuelSave launch. Product launch banners Large format banners are increasingly being used to attract the customer's attention and none more so than those supplied to Shell UK for the FuelSave launch. All wall mounted banners had to be contained within their own frame, designed and manufactured by Ward Lester in varying sizes up to a maximum of 3.5m x 18m. Free-standing perimeter banners, incorporating three weighted bases, were also used to good effect on this launch. Pump Vinyls An ideal medium for reinforcing the message, temporary pump bottom vinyls are printed on vinyl with an ultra removable adhesive thus allowing simple removal, by site staff, when the promotional period ends.
adverts on a fuel pump

Forecourt Advertising

It is generally considered that the premier areas for the placement of advertising on the forecourt are, at the entrance to the petrol forecourt, on the pump, or probably the most effective area of all, on the nozzle.

All major oil companies seek to maximise revenue generation in addition to their primary products , fuels and oils, with seasonal product offers such as; screenwash, antifreeze and BBQ charcoal. Alongside these products the retailers will frequently be seen to be promoting in-store products, 'meal deals' currently being one of the more popular ones. Typically, products and special offers will be advertised in many different formats, but, by far the most popular at the pump are, the nozzle advertising unit and pump crowner, and in-store the usual range of posters, showcards and suspended pos. Around the perimeter of the forecourt are also to be found both free-standing banners and more permanently fitted large format banners.

Banners Large format pvc banners are an essential element for promotional activity on forecourts. Given that most major sites not only have perimeter walls or fencing to enable the display of banners as long as 12m or more, they usually have greensward areas to the front of the forecourts, which are very often overlooked when it comes to promotional activity. This area is ideal for positioning free-standing banners and can be seen from drivers entering the site or just driving past. We supply promotional banners to almost any size suitable for affixing to walls, fences, or hung between two uprights. A recent development has seen Ward Lester supplying purpose built framing for affixing to walls, to hold banners, this facilitates ease of changing banners when required. Free-standing banners and frames, with weighted bases, are also available. Pump Crowners The Pump Crowner provides for the display of advertising or promotional media to be seen by drivers refuelling on both sides of the pump. Manufactured in durable UV stable polypropelene the unit is designed to take an A3 sheet folded to A4. Standard colour is white but other colours are available to order. Branding decals can be affixed for display when no media sheet is in place. The changing of media by forecourt staff takes literally seconds.