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The forecourt retailing industry comprises three main sectors, oil company majors, supermarkets and independents. Despite the increased price competitiveness brought to the market by the supermarkets over recent years the oil companies still account for the greater volumes of fuels dispensed.


Always very conscious of the particular requirements of our supermarket customers we are able to hold stocks of both bespoke and generic products in our warehouse at Welwyn Garden City and, with our extensive distribution capabilities, we can usually offer an ‘off the shelf’ facility.

Media Companies & Advertisers

We are seeing a steady increase in the number of media companies turning to Nozzad as their preferred alternative for nozzle advertising hardware. For many years our one major competitor has had a seeming monopoly in this field but this is no longer the case. Realising that they now have a viable alternative, media companies are increasingly using us as their preferred supplier.

Oil Companies

Over many years we have built an enviable client base of many major oil companies, based on our capability to supply both generic, tailored and specially designed products. From aesthetically pleasing newspaper stands for BP UK to various merchandising stands for Shell Scandinavia or the functional Out-of-Use covers to Israel and beyond, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a solution to most forecourt equipment problems. An increasing number of oil companies worldwide are moving away from their contractual agreements with media companies and are now using our nozzle talker, Nozzad, for their own promotional content.